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Create a Local Costco Grocery Pickup Hub

offer a taste of Costco in your community

We Shop - You Relax

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Purchase Groceries

Pickup at Your Location

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Take the Next Step with Co-Op Shopper

Custom Pricing

Offering Costco groceries with customizable pricing opens up advanced store features that elevate your business and enhance your profits. This is the perfect business venture for entrepreneurial spirits eager to tap into unlimited potential.

Set Your Store Apart


Give Costco Shoppers Buying Options

Enhance your profits and reduce waste with split-item shopping. This option, available for those who set their own prices, guarantees a win-win where everyone's needs are met, and waste is minimized.

Zero Waste Store

Expand your business or Start Anew

  • No inventory to buy

  • Minimal space needed

  • Exclusive territories available

  • Offer Costco & local grocery items

Starting at:

- Store setup


$69/mo + 2.95% platform fee

It's Your Business to run as you like

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  • Optional grocery delivery

  • Payments go directly to you

  • You set the rules, fees and pricing

  • Shop Costco and additional stores in your area

Limited Participation - Don't Miss Out!
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