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Split Multipacks - Increase Profits

Give shoppers exactly what they need with split-item shopping and add to your bottom line. Advanced Co-Op shopper stores are custom-built with pricing you set and Costco grocery items offered in your location.

Get Creative with Your Store

Sell More with Bundling

On the flip side of splitting items, you have businesses or groups that may purchase more if offered a discount. Bundling specific items, especially during holidays, can increase sales and profitability.

Plan Ahead - Get a Quote

Local Family Business

Setting up your Co-Op Shopper store with split items and bundling is a bit more complex with pricing set by you. Co-Op Shoppers pricing matrix program is available 24/7 to help ensure profitabilty with what-if functionality. You select the items offered and Co-Op Shopper provides the imagery and store modifications needed.

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