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Offer Costco Groceries for Delivery

start a grocery delivery service

Keep it simple as a single owner-operator or build a multi-shopper platform

The Platform You've Always Dreamed Of


Set fees to match business expectation


Limited only by your input


No expectations or limitations

start a costco grocery delivery business


Modify services to meet your goals


Enjoy the savings with lower fees


Freedom to test new ideas that set you apart

you have

  • take payments online

  • set your fees

  • when to shop

  • where to shop

  • what to sell

  • your business - your rules

complete control


Shop Any Stores You Like

It's your business to run as you like and In-Form Microsites give you the freedom.

Matching Shopper Microsites give your clientele the leeway to create shopping lists from additional stores you shop. Included at no additional charge with online store plans.

Team Up With Co-Op Shopper    

sell costco grocery items online

We Provide the Stage While You Run the Show

Store Setup Starting at $495

$69/mo. - 3.5% platform fee

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