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Test Your Business Idea

Are you ready to start your own business and make the money you deserve? Our In-Form Microsite platform is the perfect starting point to test your business idea without the high cost of website design.

One-Time Setup Fee:


start a grocery delivery business

0% platform fee

Payments go directly to you 

Scale your business to meet your needs 

No contract, purchase requirements, or quotas

Shop Costco and any additional stores of your choice 

$19/mo. - Unlimited Sales!

Start a New Gig or Add to Your Repertoire of Apps 

You Keep 100% of Sales


Unlike other grocery shopping/delivery platforms, Co-Op Shopper is committed to keeping fees low so savings can be passed on to clientele while you make the money you deserve. 

In-Form Microsite
open a grocery shopping business
grocery shopping business

So, What is an In-Form Shopper Microsite?

In-Form Shopper Microsites, a hybrid website/form, is an affordable option for website design utilizing features that react to users' input via "rules". Your online shopping platform is easily navigated allowing users to send you shopping lists from stores you select. 


Take Your Business Online

17 Shopping Categories - Add 425 Items

Microsite Pages:  Home, Services, Guidelines, FAQ

Microsite Features: Auto Save, Print List/PDF, Shareable Link

Easy Scheduling: Display Your Google Calendar for availability  

Free Custom Microsite URL plus QR Code Image for Business Cards

start a grocery delivery business

Sign Up Now - Introductory Offer!



feeding families and entreprenuerial spirits

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