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Maximize Costco Grocery Shopping - Save Big on Both Time and Money!

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Explore our ever-growing selection of over 1,600 Costco grocery staples with *in-store pricing. Create your shopping list by adding your favorites then edit before making your final selections. Add notes and instructions for each item as a reminder, or to assist your personal shopper fulfilling your order.

Need to share your list with family members or roommates? No problem! Our platform allows you to easily share your Costco grocery list with others, ensuring everyone is on the same page when it comes to shopping needs. Plus, it's a great way to delegate tasks and divide responsibilities.

*pricing displayed as in-store average

Imagine never forgetting an essential item or making impulsive buys that clutter your pantry. Our service transforms your shopping experience by letting you create customized Costco grocery lists tailored to your needs. These aren't just any lists; they're your secret weapon for efficient, stress-free shopping. Crafted by you and for you, these lists are sent directly to your inbox at checkout.

Enjoy the benefits of Co-Op Shopper with annual membership.

Curated Costco grocery lists

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Co-Op Shopper grocery organizer

costco shopping list
costco shopping list

Costco Grocery Lists Help You Help Others

Lend a helping hand with grocery shopping by simplifying communication through grocery lists. Lists go beyond the basics, offering a convenient means for allocating to students and young adults embarking on their life's journey. Whether it's budgeting for the month or ensuring nutritious meals are on the table, grocery lists offer a bridge between good intentions and great outcomes.
shop for family at costco with grocery lists
help family members with costco grocery lists
share costco grocery lists with family
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