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start a grocery delivery business


Are Prices the Same as In-Store Pricing?

The prices displayed on our website represent an average from Costco warehouses across the contiguous United States. We do our best to ensure that these prices are current and accurate by continually updating them based on contributions from site members and regular visits to various warehouse locations.

Is Co-Op Shopper Owned by Costco?

Co-Op Shopper LLC, founded and operated by Art Duy, is committed to providing value through our "Save At Costco" division. Co-Op Shopper LLC, is not endorsed, sponsored, compensated, or affiliated with Costco Wholesale in any way. Our mission is to offer our customers independent savings and shopping solutions.

How Many Costco Grocery Items Are Listed?

The Save At Costco store features over 1,600 staple grocery items from Costco, with new products being added regularly. We continuously monitor product availability and pricing, conducting daily reviews to ensure our store remains current and well-stocked.

  • Is it legal to resell Costco products?
    Yes, it is legal to resell Costco products under certain conditions. Costco allows the resale of items purchased by individuals or businesses with a Costco Business membership. This applies to purchasing items for others as a delivery service as well.
  • Can I make changes to my website once it is completed?
    Absolutely! Once your website is completed (and during setup), you or anyone you designate will have continuous 24/7 access to your website dashboard, except for the product area. This means you can update content, images, and other elements at your convenience. If you need assistance or have questions, the Co-Op Shopper team is always available to help you navigate any changes you want to make.
  • Which pricing model is more manageable for my online store: using in-store pricing with a fee or custom pricing?
    That's a great question! Let's compare both sides of the question to help you make the right choice. 1. In-store Pricing with an Additional Fee Benefits: Transparency: Clients pay the same prices as they would in-store at Costco, plus a clear, upfront additional fee. This makes it easier for clients to understand exactly what they are paying for and how much the service costs. Trust: This pricing model can build trust, as clients see that they are not being charged more for the products themselves; the additional fee is solely for the service provided. Consistency: Prices reflect real-time in-store prices, which means clients benefit from any discounts or promotions that Costco offers, ensuring they get the best possible deal. 2. Custom Pricing with a Markup Benefits: Simplicity: Clients see a single price for each item, which already includes the cost of the shopping service, making the transaction straightforward. Predictability: Markup percentages are consistent, so clients can easily estimate the total cost of their shopping without needing to calculate service fees separately. Potential for Deals: Professional shoppers may offer special pricing or promotions independent of Costco's pricing, providing unique savings opportunities. Conclusion: Choosing the right pricing model depends on what you feel clients would value most. If transparency and taking advantage of in-store promotions are important, the in-store pricing model may be more appealing. If you prefer a simpler, all-in-one pricing format, custom pricing could be the better option.
  • Is Co-Op Shopper a franchise?
    No, Co-Op Shopper is not a franchise. We are a website development service that empowers you to run your business independently, without the constraints of a franchise model. You have the freedom to operate your business in any location you choose and to manage it according to your preferences. The only obligations are to adhere to Costco policies and comply with local, state, and federal laws governing your business operations.
  • Why is it so inexpensive to set up a Co-Op Shopper e-commerce website?
    The affordability of setting up an e-commerce website with Co-Op Shopper is primarily due to a streamlined process using a standardized template. I provide you or your designated team members with a pre-designed template as the initial step in the setup process. These templates include essential twenty-two store pages with in-store pricing and areas for adding your about information, shopping guidelines, FAQ, service fees, etc., along with example content. You have the flexibility to make changes to the webpage yourself or provide details for Co-Op Shopper to make modifications on your behalf.
  • Can I have a Co-Op Shopper e-commerce store if I will only be doing deliveries?
    Absolutely! Whether you plan to operate solely through deliveries or include a physical store location is entirely your choice. Co-Op Shopper is here to support you in setting up your e-commerce store according to your business model and preferences. Whether you're focused on delivery services or a combination of delivery and in-store pickup options, we're committed to helping you create a seamless online shopping experience for your customers.
  • Can I open a Costco pickup location in my area if not listed on the map as a location for consideration?
    Yes, you are welcome to open a Costco pickup location in any area you believe offers a viable business opportunity. The locations highlighted on our map are what we feel to be prime locations due to factors like being in a resort area or catering to an affluent clientele. However, other areas listed may have unique circumstances that make them suitable for a Costco pickup location. We encourage entrepreneurs to explore potential opportunities that align with their business goals.
  • What is the billing rate for modifications to my store?
    You have the flexibility to make various changes to your website, including adding testimonials or updating the text on any page, including store pages. However, if you prefer that I handle these modifications, they are billed in 15-minute increments at a rate of $20 per block. Almost any type of update you desire can be accommodated. Please note that modifications related to the product database, such as adding new products or adjusting pricing structures, must be handled through Co-Op Shopper directly, as these are not accessible via your website dashboard. To begin any modifications, we'll start with a consultation to discuss your specific needs and objectives.
  • Are exclusive territories available?
    Yes, exclusive territories are available, allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis. To secure exclusivity for a specific area, a deposit may be required, which holds the territory exclusively for a specified period. Additionally, maintaining exclusivity typically entails meeting a minimum monthly sales quota. Further details regarding exclusive territories, including deposit requirements and sales quotas, will be discussed during the initial and follow-up consultations.
  • Can I shop at stores in addition to Costco and offer them on my website?
    Absolutely! Each Co-Op Shopper store comes with an additional page where shoppers can add items to your shopping list. This page allows visitors to browse and add grocery items by categories displayed. Visitors on your site select a respective store's website through a link you provide. This generic store page enables visitors to add as many items from different categories as they like. Once items are added, the details, including the item name and shopping specifics they provide, are sent directly to you for fulfillment. This feature provides flexibility and expands the range of products available on your website beyond just Costco items.
  • Can customers make changes to an order once it’s been placed?
    Yes, they can make changes to your order provided it has not been partially or fully refunded. Modifications can include adding or removing items, updating prices, changing customer details, applying discounts, and adding custom service charges or tips. Be sure to provide a timeline for customers to make changes.
  • What are typical grocery service fees charged in resort communities?
    Service fees for grocery delivery can vary depending on the location and the preferences of individual pro shoppers. At Dumpling, a provider of grocery delivery services, shoppers typically charge fees ranging from 20% to 45% of the total order value, along with an additional flat fee. These fees are set by the shoppers themselves, allowing for flexibility and adaptation to the specific needs and market conditions of resort communities.
  • Will Co-Op Shopper assist with developing my website once completed?
    Absolutely! We're here to support you even after your website is completed. If you need further assistance or wish to make adjustments to your website, we can schedule a design session to work together and ensure your website meets your evolving needs. Our commitment to our partners extends beyond the initial setup, and we're always available to provide ongoing support and guidance.
  • Can I add Costco items to my website?
    No, only Co-Op Shopper can add or remove items from the store. This is done to ensure consistency with pricing updates and other necessary adjustments. However, you can showcase items you're interested in on Instagram and provide a message and link on your website to direct visitors there. These items can be added to your shopping list via the store page allowing shopping outside of Costco items listed.
  • Can I manage store orders if I am not at my computer?
    Yes, you can manage store orders remotely using the Wix mobile app. This app allows you to handle incoming orders, review past purchases, and update order details directly from your smartphone or tablet. This ensures you can stay connected and responsive to your store’s needs, even while on the go.
  • Is it possible to list multiple grocery outlet locations on a website?
    Yes, you have the flexibility to list as many grocery outlet locations as you like on your website. Orders placed through your website, however, must be directed by you to the respective location manager for fulfillment. The website platform only allows for one email address to receive orders.
  • How often is my Costco store pricing updated?
    Costco store pricing is updated every month to reflect the current Costco coupon book sale items. These updates are typically performed approximately 2-3 days before the date that the Costco items actually go on sale.
  • How long does it take to set up my Co-Op Shopper website?
    Setup for your Co-Op Shopper store largely depends on your availability and commitment. The process can be completed as quickly as within two business days or up to a month or more, allowing time to fully understand how it works. Once the initial deposit is received, you or your designated team members will have immediate access to your store template (less product database). Our platform is built on Wix, which provides a comprehensive library of training videos to assist you in every step of website construction and management.
  • Are there free images available for my website?
    Yes, Wix—the platform on which your website is built—offers an extensive collection of free resources. This includes thousands of images, a variety of vector artwork, and videos for enhancing your website's visual appeal. For even higher quality options, we recommend Adobe Stock Images, where professional images are available for purchase.
  • Does my website need to show Costco items that are on sale?
    No, displaying Costco sales items on your website is optional. You have full control over the content of your store, including the ability to hide the Costco sales page if preferred. Your website can operate with average in-store pricing or with custom pricing that you establish.
  • How does custom pricing for Costco grocery items work?
    Custom pricing involves applying a percentage markup to all Costco grocery items listed in your store. For comparison, Instacart typically marks prices up by about 20% compared to in-store prices. In addition to the markup, Instacart also charges a service fee that varies with the order size, ranging from 3% to 7% of the total order cost. Taxes are estimated and added to the final price as well.
  • How accurate are the Costco monthly coupon sale prices?
    The prices displayed on our platform are averages and are typically within 2-4% of the actual in-store prices at Costco. Please note that prices for certain products, like alcohol, may vary more significantly due to local taxes and other regional factors. While we aim to provide the most accurate price estimations possible, there may occasionally be discrepancies due to these variables.
  • Is there a limit as to how many grocery lists I can create?
    No, there is no limit to the number of grocery lists you can create. You have the freedom to create as many lists as you need throughout the year. Additionally, your shopping history and selected favorites are conveniently recorded and accessible in your member area.
  • Can I send my grocery list to a professional shopper in my area to shop for me?
    This is one of the primary benefits and reasons for Co-Op Shopper providing this service! Our member plan allows you to create unlimited grocery lists for you, or anyone you choose to handle Costco grocery shopping. Additionally, our grocery organizer tool (included with the plan) can fill in the void of products added to your list that may not be on our website. The grocery organizer can accommodate up to twenty additional Costco items, with the added features of splitting multipack and single-pack items from Costco, making it easier to share purchases with others.
  • Do I need a Costco membership to sign up for grocery lists emailed to me?
    No, a Costco membership is not required to sign up for grocery lists emailed to you; you only need a membership with our site to access unlimited grocery lists for an entire year. However, please note that a Costco membership is necessary to make purchases in-store. For more information about Costco memberships, click here.
  • Will the plan pricing change when my plan expires?
    Our current plan pricing is set at an introductory level, and we aim to maintain these rates in the upcoming years. However, future pricing may be adjusted based on participation levels and other market factors. We recommend keeping an eye on any updates as your renewal date approaches.
  • Is there enough information on Costco grocery lists for personal shoppers to know which product to buy?
    Yes, our grocery lists are designed to be detailed and user-friendly. Each item on the list provides an option for you to add specific instructions or notes. These notes can guide the shopper on what actions to take if an item is not available, ensuring they make appropriate choices. This feature is also useful for reminding yourself or anyone else who may be handling the shopping for you.
  • How can I specify orders for items sold by weight when someone else is shopping for me?
    For items sold by weight, you can specify your preferences using the drop-down menu. The options include 'Smallest Available,' 'Mid-size,' 'Largest Available,' or 'Any Size.' Simply select the option that best meets your needs, and this preference will be noted in your shopping list for the personal shopper to follow.
  • When I sign up as the group organizer, do all my members get the shopping list membership?
    As a group organizer, when you purchase a group plan, you receive a membership for creating unlimited grocery lists for an entire year. Additionally, the plan includes 25 coupons, each offering a 50% discount on a grocery list plan, which you can distribute among your group members. Learn more here >
  • Is there a limit to my group size?
    No, at this time there is not a limit to the group size.
  • Will the plan pricing change when my plan expires?
    Our current plan pricing is set at an introductory level, and we aim to maintain these rates in the upcoming years. However, future pricing may be adjusted based on participation levels and other market factors. We recommend keeping an eye on any updates as your renewal date approaches.
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