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Working to Maximize Your Costco Shopping Experience

Helping Other Small Business Owners

At Co-Op Shopper, our mission is to bolster small business owners and entrepreneurs by offering a cost-effective pathway to launch and operate their businesses. Distinct from other shopping and delivery platforms, we enable business owners to retain full control over their operations, all while ensuring that their customers aren't burdened by steep fees. We champion creativity and the unique personal touch that frequently goes unnoticed in the grocery delivery sector. Our core aim is to nurture, support, and motivate those with entrepreneurial spirits to achieve success.

Form Groups to Share Grocery Shopping Lists

While Costco groups on Facebook can be vast and sometimes even unpleasant, setting up your shopping group with shared interests discovers common ground in their preferences and needs. With the flexibility to establish group guidelines, initiators can tailor settings—private, or displayed—to their liking. Additionally, members have the privilege to share photos, upload documents, and receive a weekly digest of group activities directly to their inbox.


Tools to Get the Most Out of Grocery Spending 

Leveraging the latest technology, we uphold our commitment to delivering real-time *Costco in-store grocery pricing to our site. While Costco's bulk and multipack options represent unparalleled value, they also pose the risk of overspending and potential waste. Our grocery organizer addresses this challenge by facilitating group shopping, ensuring everyone gets what they need while optimizing dollars spent.

*Pricing and availability vary by location; in-store prices are displayed as an average.

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