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A Passion for Service, Quality, and Innovation

co-op shopper founder - art duy

Turning the Corner for a Better Future

Hello! I'm Art Duy, the proud founder of Co-Op Shopper, and a big fan of Costco. My journey with Costco began in Salt Lake City, where I dished out copious food samples as a CDS server. It was during the trying times following our recession that I found inspiration in Costco's friendly, family-oriented atmosphere. Moving forward led me to the world of Costco marketing without the aid of food samples as a draw, offering the safest Costco job during early COVID (no one stops to talk) and ample time to contemplate my next move.

A Recession-Fueled Pivot with a Pioneer Spirit

Long before my Costco days, I dipped my toes in the vast ocean of technology. It all started with a simple task: setting up a website for my Utah-based countertop business. I created a marketing video introducing a tiling system I had developed, laying the groundwork for my tech journey. After years of business, the 2008 recession steered me in a new direction, using the modest tech knowledge I had acquired. I began building "Microsites," a cost-effective alternative to traditional website design, which soon became the backbone of Co-Op Shopper. These Microsites, originally designed for the building trades, evolved into an online order form for personal shoppers, as well as the Co-Op Shopper grocery organizer.

art duy - co-op shopper owner

Co-Op Shopper: A Vision for Savings and Business Development

At Co-Op Shopper, we are not about selling groceries online; we're about changing the way Costco shoppers are better served. My experience, from setting up a basic website to mastering Microsites, has been channeled into creating a platform that stands out for its simplicity, efficiency, and focus on providing tools to save time and money. I am excited to offer my expertise to explore the possibilities of online grocery sales as a means of business expansion or starting anew. As I move forward, my approach is to prioritize quality over quantity. I’m starting small, collaborating with a select group of business owners and entrepreneurs to ensure that we grow together, focusing on our shared success.

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Join Us on This Adventure: Let's Make a Difference

As we pioneer a fresh approach to Costco grocery shopping, we extend an invitation for you to join us. Whether you're a seasoned Costco shopper or an ambitious entrepreneur eager to carve out your niche, Co-Op Shopper has plenty to offer. Our commitment to innovation, community, and quality sets us apart, and we're looking for like-minded individuals to join our journey. 

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